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Award-winning & inspiring



"To come here, you need to be crazy, and to run, even crazier..."


Marathon at Mount Everest. The Highest 42,195 km in the World

The documentary film accompanies the German ultramarathon runner and sports psychologist Michele Ufer on his way to the highest marathon in the world in Nepal. It seeks an answer to the following questions:

  1. What type of personalities participate at an event like this?
  2. What do the athletes experience during this adventure? What drives them?
  3. How does the intensive camp life and cooperation of different cultures develop?
  4. What are the challenges and how do the participants deal with them?

Whoever suspects that such an extreme running event is attended exclusively by experienced, trained and perhaps even a bit crazy competitive athletes will be surprised...


Award & international Festivals

The film has been presented at renowned film festivals nationally and internationally, including the Tegernsee Mountain Film Festival, the Salzburg Mountain Film Festival, the INKAFEST Mountain Film Festival Lima, Peru. At the traditional Grenzland-Film Days in Selb with more than 450 submitted entries, the film became one of the box office hits and after an exciting neck-and-neck race with the later winner even received the 2nd audience award.


Keynote & Motivational Lectures

The film has been used with extremely positive feedback at events and keynote speeches by Dr. Michele Ufer on the topics of motivation, mental training, sports psychology and big goals. Together with the exciting background stories, the film provides a good portion of motivation and discussion material. Possible applications: Congresses, conferences, seminars, kick-offs, sports events, customer events, charity campaigns.

The film fitted in very well with the Grenzland Film Days, as it shows the physical, mental and cultural boundaries that people have to overcome at this event.

— Dagmar Franke

Festival Management, Grenzland Film Days

Actually, I'm not really into documentaries and I rarely watch a work in its entirety, But I watched the Everest film right up to the last second. Super film, exciting topic and well done.


— Klaus Jentsch

Selection Committee, Grenzland Film Days


The eagerly awaited screening of the documentary film captivated the invited guests. The audience, whether runners or non-runners, were fascinated by this special running adventure. Afterwards, everyone celebrated the producer Michele Ufer and his team with standing ovations. The fact that this production was made without outside funding, sponsors and product placements caused a further storm of applause.

— Stadtanzeiger

The camera follows the very different people on the trail up to Mt. Everest base camp, documents their expectations, shows their emotions without giving the impression of obtrusiveness. It is the combination of the landscape shots with the articulated impressions of the participants that captivates the viewers. The start of the marathon then seems like a new, liberating moment of this intoxicating journey. Even as the spectators watch the runners on their way to the finish line, the impression is strengthened that this marathon is much more than just a run over the 42.195 km in the high mountains.

— Ruhrnachrichten

With each of the 30 minutes, the desire to jet to the roof of the earth increases. If not to run, then at least because of the magnificent panorama.

— Westfälische Rundschau
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